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I am going to attempt to watch The Bachelor for the first time

Follow along as I try to make it through an entire season of The Bachelor. I will be blogging my knee-jerk reactions to every episode through the lens of someone who has no idea what is going on.


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Episode One: Kit and Victoria are Certified Psychopaths

Matt I feel like I should start this out with some judgements of Matt. I went into my first ever episode of The Bachelor really wanting to dislike him. Nothing against him personally, I guess I'm predisposed to not like anyone that feels like the only place they're going to find love is on a reality tv show. Especially when you're 6'5", an ex D1 college football player, and incredibly good looking. If this is the only place he can find love, well I guess I'm fucked. As much as I wanted to dislike Matt, he started to win me over talking about his vulnerability issues that came from growing up with a single mother. I'm not a monster, I have feelings. Most people would probably deal with these issues by going to therapy, or maybe trying to put yourself out there in a relationship, and that's fine. But, Matt decided to do the most rational thing and have 30 relationships recorded on reality tv for the entire country to see. Some may judge him for this,